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Bags, Baskets and Crates: Basil Crate Large (50L)

Bags, Baskets and Crates: Basil Crate Large (50L)

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The Basil Crate is a fantastic crate for cyclists looking to carry a variety of different items. The Basil Crate benefits from a generous interior volume of 50L, providing plenty of space for carrying your must-haves. Hard-wearing materials and a sturdy construction ensure the Basil Crate hold up well against tough rides and all weather adventures.

Installation of the Basil Crate is quick and painless, thanks to the Basil MIK Crate-Mounting system which doesn't require any tools, that you can purchase separately.

By using the Basil Crate, you can ensure that the goods you're carrying will make it to their destination, day-in, day-out.

Please Note:Maximum weight limit is dependent on your pannier rack. This crate does not come with a mounting adaptor.

Attachment Basil Crate System
Compartment One
Capacity 50L
Material Hard-Wearing Plastic
Size 36cm x 50cm x 27cm
Weight 1310g
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