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Bags, Baskets and Crates: Basil Rear Basket - Cento

Bags, Baskets and Crates: Basil Rear Basket - Cento

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Practical and eye-catching, this contemporary bike basket attaches to the luggage rack of any bicycle. A striking choice for male and female cyclists alike, the Basil Cento WSL will instil your bicycle with new strengths that’ll transform the way you ride. Made from a fine-mesh steel, this basket is built to last and holds up well even after heavy use. There’s sufficient space for shopping bags or backpacks, ideal if you’re heading into the office or hitting the shops. The maximum load capacity comes in at an impressive 5 kg, meaning you don’t need to compromise on your cargo. Suitable for permanent mounting to your luggage carrier with the use of the patented WSL System, you can count on a firm installation that’ll keep this basket securely attached at all times. An added perk of this basket is that the length and width are both adjustable, meaning you can reshape it at a moments notice. This is also particularly handy for bikes with luggage carriers with raised backs or fronts. Furthermore, this basket is suitable for use with most E-bike luggage carriers.


✔ Basil Cento WSL basket provides ample storage space for larger items.
✔ Permanent attachment with patented WSL System.
✔ Suitable for luggage carriers with raised front or back.
✔ Suitable for use with most E-bike models.
✔ Adjustable width and length.

- Dimensions: 45 cm x 31 cm x 22 cm (External dimension)
- Model: Rear basket
- Installation on: Luggage carrier rack

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