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Bags, Baskets and Crates: Basil Rear Basket - Schoolbag

Bags, Baskets and Crates: Basil Rear Basket - Schoolbag

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This fashionable bicycle basket is made from a fine-mesh steel and boasts plenty of user-friendly functions that makes it an ideal choice for school students. Available in classic black, it makes an effortless complement to any frame and offers enough space to store a school bag or backpack. A safe and secure choice of storage for when you're out and about, this basket is easily mounted atop the luggage carrier of your bike. An added perk of this basket is that it comes complete with mounting hardware so you needn't splash out on unnecessary extras.

This basket satchel also comes with a detachable belt. A satchel/backpack pocket remains firmly fixed to the bike frame while you ride, while reflective trims provides the rider with more visibility in limited light, earning it top points for road safety. Looking for more options for the morning ride into school or college? You've ample choice when you shop online at Basil.

The Basil Class Basket is a more modern choice of bicycle storage for cycling school students. Made from hard-wearing steel, it's also an incredibly robust choice.

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Brand: Basil
Type: Rear Baskets
Material: Metal
Item condition: New
Availability: Buy online
ID: 100000116

Basil Class Bicycle basket with a modern design.

Backpack storage with detachable strap.

Includes mounting hardware for attachment to your luggage carrier.

Reflective strips on The bottom enhance visibility at night or in The dark. Weight 1.51KG Width 38cm Length 31cm Depth 27cm
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