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NCM DEHAWK Battery 48V 21A 1008Wh F1000

NCM DEHAWK Battery 48V 21A 1008Wh F1000

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Model:  B1154816PBFT

Voltage:  48V

Capacity:  21Ah

Watt hours:  1008

Range:  ca. 70-150km

Cells:  NCR18650GA Panasonic

Internal Resistance:  =220mO

Minimum Capacity:  15.5Ah

Standard Charge:  Current 2A constant voltage 54.6V, 100mA Cut-Off

Standandard Discharge:  Cconstant current 5A final voltage 35.75V

Cycles:  500>60% Capacity

Max Charge Current:  4A

Max Discharge Current: 15A

Overvoltage protection:  

USB connection:  (mobile phone, table charging function, with 1A)

Chargine Temperature:  0-45 degrees Celcius

Operating Temperature:  0-60 degrees Celcius

Storage:  Temperature (15-35 Celsius) Humidity (45-75%)

Battery dimensions:  458x62x100mm

Total weight:  ca. 4.25kg


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