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DiroDi Rover PLUS 500W

DiroDi Rover PLUS 500W

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The DiroDi Rover Plus comes with KKE front suspension forks and a 48V 17.4AH battery, which is 11% larger than the battery on the standard Rover

Whether you need front suspension forks depends largely on the type of riding you'll be doing. Front suspension forks can be very beneficial if you plan to ride on rough terrain, such as gravel paths, trails, or over obstacles, as they improve comfort and control by absorbing shocks and bumps. They can also reduce rider fatigue and maintain better traction by keeping the front wheel grounded.

However, if you're primarily riding on smooth, paved roads, rigid forks might suffice. They provide a more direct transfer of power and are lighter, making for an efficient and responsive ride.

Moreover, the correct tyre pressure is also crucial. Fat tyres that are properly inflated can act as a natural suspension system. For the DiroDi Rover, it is recommended to maintain the tyre pressure at or below 20 PSI. At this pressure, the fat tyres can somewhat absorb the roughness of uneven terrains, and thus providing a smoother and more comfortable ride.

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